The word of the Admins is law. We have all put a lot of hard work into this game, and that gives us the right to make any decision we wish to make with it. Once we have made a judgement, there will be no more discussion on the matter.

Stay within the scope of the universe of our game. This means we ask you not to bring characters from other games, as other games (or worlds) do not exist in the context of Miithronia. Consider this game a fresh start filled with new opportunities! There is no limit to the number of characters you can create, so please feel free to create more than one so that you can be sure to experience everthing the game has to offer.

We fully understand that conflicts between players will arise from time to time. We ask that all parties involved remain civil with one another. Throwing a tantrum will not be tolerated, and it will only make things worse. Remaining calm and level headed will ultimately lead a solution everyone can abide by with the least amount of hurt feelings possible.


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You may create a character here if you have not already done so.